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Free 30 Minute Consultation - Using ORE™ to Drive Top Line Results

Revenue is the aggregate product of countless marketing and sales steps

You probably use OEE in your business every day - whether in your own production or in your work with customers to help them become more efficient.

ORE (Overall Revenue Effectiveness™) is like OEE, but for your top line growth. It understands that inefficiency in any step of the process (from marketing and lead gen, through lead follow up, to project sales) compounds throughout the B2B sales process and impairs results.

That often means that industrial sales forecasting is poor, deals are lost to "no decision", marketing and sales alignment is poor and, in short, buyer expectations are not met and therefore top line revenue targets are missed.

The good news is there's a fix. That's ORE.

Ed Marsh created the concept and helps companies implement it. Here's a chance to schedule a free 30-minute call with Ed to see if it might be a fit for your company.

What does ORE include? It depends on each client situation, but common elements are:

  • Manufacturing marketing - digital, inbound, content marketing tailored for industrial manufacturers
  • Market entry strategies - how to get into target accounts and new markets
  • Sales channel strategy
  • Sales force testing
  • Technology - CRM, marketing automation, chat, video and more
  • Buyer research - understanding buyer personas and journeys, ideal customer profiles
  • Content strategy
  • Sales training
  • Global market opportunities
  • General revenue growth consulting - strategy, product roadmap
  • Marketing strategies - account-based marketing
  • Sales process design
  • Sales force structure

Let's see how these elements, integrated into a synthesized ORE approach might help your company improve top line results just as OEE improves manufacturing efficiency.

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