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InboundSales & Marketingstrategien und kulturelle Anpassungen

How different can two advanced markets be?

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Of all the world's developed markets, the vast US opportunity is one that captivates every industrial manufacturer in Germany.  The reasons are obvious:

  • Nearly 300,000 manufacturing establishments
  • Appreciation of German quality
  • Strong focus on automation & technology
  • Economic strength and ongoing investment

And many German mittelstand manufacturers sell to the US. 

But....few ever achieve the success that should be possible.  In fact many companies invest heavily in growing their US sales but never receive the return they expect.  It's a common problem.

But it's a problem with a solution.  With the right combination of experience in both markets, technical orientation and familiarity with industrial markets, and effective sales and marketing approaches, the US market is open to German manufacturers.

Today the rising $/EUR is making German products more affordable in the US at the same time other export markets are slowing.  It's the right time for Germany companies to take a closer look at their US opportunity.  But success depends on the right advice and the correct approach.

"Natürlich ist es uns bewußt, dass es Unterschiede zwischen dem Verhalten von Amerikanern und Deutschen gibt, dass dementsprechend auch die Märkte unterschiedlich sind.  Aber nicht immer realisieren wir, wie groß diese Unterschiede wirklich sind, zu welchen Missverständnissen das führen kann.
Ed ist auf beiden Märkten zuhause, er weiß was die Amerikaner erwarten und er versteht wie deutsche Firmen arbeiten.
Durch seine langjährige Tätigkeit auf beiden Märkten kennt er die Konfliktpotentiale und versteht es auf sehr effektive Weise, die Vorzüge deutscher Grundsätze von Qualität, Zuverlässigkeit und Innovation dem amerikanischen Kunden nahe zu bringen." J. Poggenberg, 

The Correct Approach for the Right Market


German Brendon Dennewill and American Ed Marsh have joined forces to help German manufacturers succeed.  With extensive technical, language, cultural & business experience between Germany and the US they understand the challenges.

And as experienced business growth specialists they bring the right technical and commerical approaches to help German suppliers sell effectively in the US - actually to help Americans buy the way they prefer!

Mittelstand managing directors are invited to download their free eBook (available in English & German) which explains the most common reasons German companies struggle to grow US sales, and describe the approach which works.

So please download the eBook.  You'll receive an email with contact details for both Messrs. Dennewill & Marsh and we look forward to helping your company realize the full US market potential.

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