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Finally! A practical guide to the FCPA for SMBs

Free Guide - managing SMB FCPA risk

FCPA_Guide_for_SMBs_cropped_cover_image_copy.pngThe Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, or FCPA may sound like something that only applies to multinationals....but don't be deceived.

Global efforts to crush corruption are catching many SMBs up in the action.

Companies that sell, and even those that buy globally have exposure. Not only are you responsible for your own actions, and those of your employees, but even third parties like distributors and agents can create FCPA risk & exposure for you - through their actions....even without your knowledge!

The problem is that most discussion of the FCPA is theoretical and legalese. There hasn't been a straightforward guide for owners and executives of regular SMBs....until now. Ed Marsh teamed up with Richard Bistrong for a no holes barred interview that follows Richard down the slippery slope to federal prison, and climbs back up with him to his current position as an expert on SMB corruption risk and FCPA compliance.

This guide doesn't provide legal advice. What it does do, in an easy to read format, through Richard's real-world experience, is lays out:

  • An overview of the FCPA and other global anti-corruption trends
  • Identifies three common risk scenarios for SMBs - even those that don't sell to foreign governments
  • Debunks common misconceptions
  • Highlights common areas of unrecognized risk - including your personal criminal liability!
  • Explores the role of strategy in preventing the conditions that foster corruption
  • Outlines how to create internal controls that do more than just try to catch falling knives
  • Dives into the relationship between payment terms and corruption risk
  • Discusses the role of culture in preventing corruption
  • Demonstrates why your Director and Officer insurance coverage probably won't help if you're investigated
  • Boils it all down into a simple synopsis
  • Even provides a host of resources for you to learn more and take some prudent steps

The exposure is real - shouldn't you know about it and be informed so you can take simple, prudent steps to mitigate your risk?

Download the guide today for a straightforward, practical business guide - written by Ed Marsh who's done business in countries like India and Nigeria which are generally recognized as tough markets to do clean business.

Learn from Richard's mistakes and leverage the wisdom that he shares in this guide.

Get your copy today!

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