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By the numbers - ROI of marketing software

Real data from real users - metrics on the impact of technology based content marketing

Cover_HubSpot_MIT_Sloan_ROI_report_14-1You've heard it so many times  before...."We need to spend a bit of money on this, but it will move the needle for us."

Eventually you grow weary, though, and begin to wonder if any marketing investment really is demonstrably justifiable.

Well here's the thing.  An investment in closed loop marketing (attributing every dollar of revenue to specific sources and discrete activities) allows you to allocate resources from under performing activities to those that drive results.  And do it nearly real time.

And an investment in the tools to enable that are empirically justifiable as well.  Download this MIT Sloan report for an analysis of user data.  It outlines a number of perspectives, and correlates results, including:

  • nearly 100% growth in traffic within 6 months
  • >24X number of leads within 2 years
  • 74% saw increase in revenue within 7 months
  • 73% report increased conversion rates

More visitors, more leads, more customers and more revenue.  It's pretty simple, and this report outlines it line by line.  

Download your free copy today.

Free ROI Report