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foreign_exchangeThere's a big business world out there. Sometimes it feels daunting. Many exporters obsess over transactional details, including foreign payments, and most structure their transactions in USD exclusively.

And that's OK, but your company is different.  Foreign currencies can be easily handled and turned into a competitive advantage.
In this eBook you will learn about:

  • Overview of global FX markets
  • Simple terminology
  • Easy (promise...really) strategies to allow you to accept payments in foreign currency
  • Understanding exchange rate risk
  • Managing that risk - or even making a few extra margin points on your deals!
  • How to gain a competitive edge - working confidently with foreign currencies can make you a much more valuable supplier

International business feels complicated, but it doesn't need to be.  Even the seemingly complex finance and logistics aspects can be managed and leveraged to advantage by new exporters.  

Get a whole new perspective on this important part of international business and learn how you can become more competitive!


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