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Strategy, Marketing, Sales & Technology - Using Process Engineering to Optimize the Industrial Revenue Growth System

Let's Bring The Same Rigor to Revenue That You Already Have to Engineering and Operations

overall revenue effectiveness™ framework and diagnostic. a maturity model for manufacturing revenue growth

You've spent hours tweaking details of your operations, engineering, and manufacturing. Working groups, process flow, Kaizen and more - all to ensure that the output is efficient, high quality, consistent and predictable.

But experience tells me you haven't done the same with the the front-end of the business. Yet the top line revenue growth functions of marketing and sales offer the same sort of opportunity if you bring the right perspective and mindset to it.

That's what ORE™ does. It's analogous to the OEE concept that you've probably used to optimize production lines.

All the components - strategy, marketing, technology & sales - have to work as an integrated system

Too often companies try an effort here to boost leads, or one there to train sales. They may invest in a CRM or some paid ads, without clarity on how they'll impact the top line.

This ad hoc approach leads to disconnected, inefficient, and often ineffective efforts.

It doesn't have to be that way.

I help companies take the same process engineering approach to revenue growth that they do to operations and manufacturing. I can do that because of my industrial experience, management insights, and deep digital marketing and industrial sales background.

But long before you want to chat with me, you probably want to peak inside the ORE system. So that's why I'm making this diagnostic tool available for free. Just complete the form 👉 and download your copy.

20 pages packed with insight into 197 Diagnostic Data Points

I'll warn you. It's detailed. You'll be asked to answer 197 questions about corporate strategy, marketing, technology and sales. You'll find some unfamiliar.

You may feel overwhelmed. Don't stress! That means there's lots of room for improvement and an opportunity to leapfrog competitors. And let's be honest. Have you really taken as deliberate approach to revenue as you have operations?

At any time I'm happy to jump on a call and explain why I've asked what I do, how it all fits together, and what your results might mean for the potential your team has to reengineer the output of your revenue growth team.

Get Your Free Diagnostic Now!