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Manufacturing Revenue Growth - Free 33 Page Guide!

A Guide to Revenue Growth for Industrial Manufacturers


Manufacturing is sexy again.  America's resurgence excites everyone in the industrial world.  And companies have applied scientific method to improving operational efficiency and quality.  It's a great time to be in manufacturing.  But....it's also getting harder and harder to sell B2B industrial products.  Traditional business development approaches are decreasingly effective.  Download this 33 page eBook to learn about a proven and measurable approach that proactively:

ebook manufacturing revenue growth
  • aligns the sales process to current buying habits
  • leverages digital tools as drivers of growth rather than gadgets
  • automates lead nurturing to build long-term pipeline
  • establishes broad thought leadership
  • opens new market opportunities
  • enhances enterprise valuation
  • allows companies to manage the top line as deliberately as they do the bottom line

Using this approach manufacturers can improve results and simultaneously create a framework of analytics and metrics which allow them to manage the preciously vague world of business development proactively just like operations! Download this free guide written by a former industrial manufacturing executive.  Ed Marsh consults with industrial manufacturing companies to develop revenue growth strategies and tactically execute them.  He's walked in your shoes!

This eBook is loaded with facts, figures, case study examples and includes access to numerous additional resources.  It tackles complex topics of digital strategy in a straightforward way.  It's intended for a wide range of industrial manufacturers including OEMs, capital equipment, process control and automation manufacturers, MRO suppliers, industrial distributors and more.

The approach, and the eBook, simply make sense.  Download it today to learn how you can get started growing consistently.

Guide to Growth - free download!