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7 Biggest Business & Legal Risks of B2B Social Media Marketing

Know and Manage your Risks



Whether you're a social media fan, or even a user, the fact is that many B2B buyers are actively using social media in their daily work.  Even technical and engineering type folks.  Download this free eBook to learn about how it's used, why you must, and what pitfalls to avoid.  It's packed with details like:

  • Amazing statistics on rate of adoption (e.g. 74% use LinkedIn, 25% research suppliers & 50% watch business related video)
  • How it's so easy to reveal competitive information unwittingly
  • Tortious Interference, Product Disparagement and other scary stuff
  • Why the 'intern' is the most likely person to manage B2B social media...& the worst
  • Simple ways to mitigate and insure against risks

Bottom line - just like driving a car, using B2B social media is risky, but you can't simply refuse to do so.  And also like driving a car, simple steps such as regular maintenance, wearing a seat belt and driving sensibly mitigate most of the risk without requiring drastic action.


Download our free eBook to learn more - and to learn how industrial grade business growth advice can help you take marketing gobbledygook and turn it into business action.

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