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Complicated vs. Complex: B2B Sales Strategy

Elegantly simple or simpleton?

complexity whitepaper cover b2b revenue growth strategy

Everyone wants to simplify everything.  Executives don't have time and can't process more information.  10 slides with 7 bullet points each is supposedly the maximum business leaders can manage.  That common wisdom leads to over-simplification of strategy with dangerous business results.  Download our whitepaper to learn:

  • Introduction to Complex Adaptive Systems and comparison to 'Complicated'systems
  • Review of complexity of today's B2B revenue growth environment
  • Key risks of oversimplification
  • The danger of conflating concepts with strategy
  • Key considerations for companies seeking to grow revenue in complex markets
  • What skills to hire / outsource to ensure success

Bottom line - the ability to simplify concepts is elegant.  but oversimplifying strategy is negligent.  Too many consultants and senior executives create a strategy to match their experience rather than according to the market requirements.

Don't get caught short! 

Download our free whitepaper to learn more - and to learn how industrial grade business growth advice can help you take oversimplified pop wisdom and create real business results.

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