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Understanding the new landscape of B2B Sales & Marketing


Most B2B executives sense that something is profoundly different.  It's getting harder and harder to find and close deals.  So most simply push harder - relying on greater frequency and intensity of traditional approaches.

In case you haven't noticed....this doesn't work.  The landscape has changed completely.  Traditional approaches are decreasingly effective.  You need to understand where we are, how we got here and how to move forward.  

In our 104 page book you'll learn:

  • What changed

  • What the changes mean to your sales and marketing

  • How to adapt

  • The path to business growth success

If you're a business owner or executive (and open minded) you'll find this tremendously exciting.  But here's a warning.  If you're a VP of Sales and/or Marketing, you should be terrified.  Your world has changed!

This book is written for business owners.  It's neither an academic volume, nor a typical 250 page business book.  It's intended as a two hour read on the commuter rail or a short flight.

And if it resonates for you, it then includes an instruction manual for how to get your business on track.

It's simple!

Senior executives will be thrilled with the opportunities to be embraced - but traditional sales & marketing types should be terrified!

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