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Strategy - Positioning B2B Manufacturing Companies for Ongoing Success

A strategy planning guide for directors and executives

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It's a tough time to be running a business. Not only are you facing regulatory and competitive pressures, but long term trends are impacting market opportunities, business models, revenue projections, employment issues and more.

On the one hand you can't plan more than a couple years ahead - on the other hand you must.

This guide lays out the case for strategic scenario planning and trend analysis in key areas including:

  • demographics
  • globalization
  • security & risk management
  • business model transformation
  • revenue growth planning
  • industry 4.0
  • monetary & fiscal policy
  • enterprise valuation

A discussion guide for directors and senior managers

There are no clear answers - every situation, industry and company is different - and different teams will judge different conditions warrant different degrees of planning.

This guide doesn't provide the answers...

Instead it provides a framework for boards and management teams to consider these disruptive trends and look for both exposures to manage and opportunities to leverage.

It's a question guide to foster discussion and expand thinking and planning.

51 pages packed with insight into pending disruptions

It's got quotes to make you think - scenarios to prime the brainstorming pump - and sample questions to get the conversation started.

Download your free copy today "Navigating the Turn: A Mapbook & Question Guide for Directors & Managers of Companies Hoping to Thrive in 2025."

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