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Marketing Automation - from marketing tool to industrial sales engine

Free guide - tips to turn marketing automation into a sales driver

21 tips to turn marketing automation into industrial sales top line growth engineOnly 19% of B2B companies have implemented marketing automation*.  Of those, only about 1/3 have begun to leverage the personalization and other capabilities.  So you're probably either:

 - one of the 1/5 of companies that has done so.....but hasn't begun to really unlock the power of the tool


 - part of the huge 80% that haven't even begun to incorporate marketing automation into your business process

Either way you're leaving money on the table.

But here's the rub...the name "marketing automation" and the organizational ownership of the toolset (by the marketing department) both drastically limit the value to your company.  It's an awesome tool to empower field sales and indirect channel sales teams as well.

Too often marketing sees the tool only as it was originally designed - to assist in lead generation and nurturing.  Once a lead meets the "sales ready" criteria it's heaved over the wall to the sales team.  In a perfect world every rep is digitally savvy and takes time to research and interpret the volume of valuable buyer behavior and insight data that marketing collects. But......well, we all know it's not a perfect world.

Top line growth for industrial manufacturing companies is tough.  No company can afford to squander opportunities to improve sales outcomes and enhance the buyer experience.  But it's within reach, and this guide provides details on how & why.

Written by Ed Marsh, HubSpot certified Inbound Marketer and career native of the B2B industrial manufacturing space, this guide covers key points including:

  • The impact of evolving buying habits
  • Typical marketing automation implementation
  • Organizational influences that limit robust execution
  • Examples of how marketing automation can be extended to improve sales outcomes
  • Coaching and sales management benefits
  • How to extend this range of capability to improve indirect channel outcomes
  • Lists of actual suggested tweaks to deliver critical value to field sales

Download the guide today for a quick read and comprehensive overview of how you can apply this powerful methodology to immediately improve sales outcomes..

Whether you've already implemented marketing automation or not, this guide lays out what's possible.  And the possibilities are really exciting.

Written by someone who's "been there and done that" this eBook provides the "real world" insight that's often the difference between average and extraordinary industrial marketing..

Get your copy today!

*salesstaff report

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