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Low Quality CRM Data Is Expensive. It's Time To Improve It and Stop Nagging

Finally, Solve the Data Problem You Haven't Wanted to Talk About

Almost everyone's marketing automation and CRM data sucks.

And almost everyone has run out of energy or ideas for how to improve it. And so it sits there...this festering mess (or maybe it's a steaming pile) that costs you money, disincentivizes CRM usage, and produces laughable forecasts.

And you've probably tried everything from asking nicely, cajoling, and nagging....through stomping your feet and pounding the table.

And it hasn't changed.

But that doesn't mean that it can't, or shouldn't.

Here's a way to improve your data so everyone wins. 

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Most CRM Data is Poor...And That's a Problem

Poor data is expensive. 

  • Users get frustrated and rationalize not using the CRM because of the poor quality
  • Reporting and forecasting is inaccurate
  • Sales Managers spend hours collating and maintaining their own reports
  • Activity isn't logged, tasks aren't tracked and reminders are missed when users don't "live" in the CRM
  • Marketing automation data, often drawn from the same database, is also poor. That reduces email marketing performance and confounds personalization and segmentation
  • Expensive systems sit idle
  • Important engagement with prospects and customers is impaired
  • Sales intelligence is wasted
  • Opportunities stagnate as key advancement steps are overlooked
  • Companies' data asset atrophies and shrinks in value as it ages and users adopt parallel systems that might be lost when they leave the company

So why does data remain poor and CRM adoption so problematic when most executives instinctively understand these costs?

Because efforts have focused on the stick - nagging, threats, berating....and finally just surrender.

Why not a carrot? Because tracking the data actions of people company-wide, and then trying to apply some system of rewards is absolutely impractical.

Used to be impractical that is. It's now possible to use gamification (make it "fun") and blockchain-based smart contracts to manage micro-rewards.

An Elegant but SIMPLE Solution

Ever lamented the fact that cure sometimes seems worse than the illness? You probably see that a lot. Solutions that might work but are so expensive or traumatic, it's not worth considering. This is different. In this webinar you'll learn:

  • What smart-contracts, micro-payments and gamification are, how they incent behaviors, and case studies of how it's worked
  • Why blockchain and crypto enable this (they're not just there for the buzz)
  • What it takes to implement and run (there is VERY little administrative burden)
  • Benefits for your company
  • Benefits for your team
  • How to start if that makes sense

Outcomes of Better Data

Better CRM data is critical to fully leverage the investment in marketing automation and CRM software. And so it's important to remember why you made those investments. To generate leads, help sales improve effectiveness and efficiency, deliver a better customer experience, improve forecasting, and more.

In other words, all of those important, business-impacting outcomes, rest on having consistently good, reliable and accurate data.

And yet most companies don't have that data.

Imagine if.....without arduous tracking, reporting, calculating and executing, you could improve business and make your team happy each time they update data.

It's kind of rainbows and unicorns!! πŸ¦„πŸŒˆ

30+ Minutes To Readjust the Way You See the Problem and Solution

Stop accepting the inevitability of crummy data. 

Better data will unlock better business results.

And that's what you'll learn from this webinar. You owe it to youself, your team, and your stakeholders to check it out.

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George Mylonakis and Ed Marsh


george_ccexpressGeorge Mylonakis started his professional career as the youngest licensed customs broker in the US. An early advocate of digital marketing, he's since started companies in productivity software, and blockchain/crypto including blockWRK. He's also a certified organic farmer.


Ed Marsh Headshot

Ed Marsh is the founder of Consilium. He works with industrial manufacturers to help them improve revenue growth through improved sales performance, digital marketing, and business strategy. He's written frequently about the challenges and importance of sales CRM and marketing automation systems for capital equipment manufacturers.