Ed Marsh Keynote Speaker

As Buying Behaviors Change... Manufacturers' Methods of Revenue Growth Must Too

Technology has enabled changes in buyer behaviors but marketing and sales still follow traditional playbooks.

As a result many B2B industrials face:

  • Lengthening sales cycles
  • Unpredictable pipelines
  • Competition from the status quo
  • Too few qualified leads

They may wonder whether their investments and activities in traditional and digital marketing and sales are effective.

200X200 NSA_member_logos_professional-PNGEd Marsh brings his experience from the military, factory floors, global markets and business management to his keynotes. Perfect for corporate and trade association events, Ed's talks unpack the important changes, highlight the impact and layout actionable steps to help companies drive consistent & predictable revenue growth.

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Ed tackles big ideas impacting B2B industrials

  • The future of sales channel
  • Thriving in a Manufacturing 4.0 market
  • Grow like you make - with rigor & process
  • PaaS - Product as a Service and revenue models for a sharing economy
  • Digital sales in a physical market
  • Hacking global growth
  • The sales obituary written by buyers

Experience & Examples

Ed has extensive experience speaking to groups and presenting at events. This includes:

  • Master of Ceremonies and Subject Matter Expert (presenting and leading panel discussions) as Export Advisor to American Express at multiple Amex Grow Global Events
  • Keynote speaker at annual meeting of NTMA industrial trade association
  • National radio interview with Small Business Advocate (segment 1, segment 2, segment 3)
  • Featured speaker at multiple annual meetings of PMMI trade association
  • Frequent topical speaker and panelist at events including: chambers of commerce, business bootcamps


There are few speakers that challenge an audience to think AND inspires them to act. Ed Marsh is one of those speakers. Instead of piling on more information, or using data to make a point, Ed's keynotes are full of thoughtful insight that never fails to grab and hold an audience's attention.

Andrew Davis - Marketing Keynote Speaker & Bestselling author of Brandscaping and Town INC


We've invited Ed to speak twice, and to moderate an expert panel. His deep technical expertise, international experience and perspective as a capital equipment company owner himself infuses his engaging presentation with a compelling call-to-action.

Jorge - VP Market Development at PMMI

Ed was a terrific keynote speaker for our annual convention. He's got the credibility of someone who's actually run companies - not just written books about it. Attendees gave him excellent reviews for his presentation style and his ability to make the strategy and tactics of both complex digital marketing and global expansion topics easy to understand. As an event organizer, I'd say 'Schedule him for your event!' You and your attendees will be happy you did.

Katie - National Tooling & Machining Association


With Ed, clients get strategic vision, tactical excellence and business savvy in a rare, single package. If you're a B2B manufacturing company that wants to grow, you've got to talk to Ed.

Peter Caputa, CEO, Databox

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