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We understand you and your buyers.  We’re exceptional industrial strategists, digital marketers, and sales consultants with deep industrial roots, board-level P&L perspective, and on-the-ground B2B biz dev experience on nearly every continent.


Keynote Speaker - Industrial Revenue Growth

Sometimes an event needs an inspiring and optimistic but grounded and realistic approach to the real challenges your attendees face in growing their business. Ed is a professional member of the National Speakers Association and his keynotes help business leaders react to market changes.


Independent Director

Today's markets demand more from management teams than most privately-held middle-market boards can provide. Ed is an NACD Governance Fellow and brings the perspective of an independent director with experience in strategy, digital marketing, B2B sales, and global expansion to the board skills matrix.


Top Line Focus

Ed's focus is solely on the functions that drive revenue directly. Using a framework built on his Overall Revenue Effectiveness™ approach, he helps companies with:

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About Ed

Keynote Speaker - Consultant - Director - Author - Veteran Advocate

Ed was going to be an architect; before he was going to be an engineer; before he graduated from Johns Hopkins; before he was an Army Infantry Officer (Airborne Ranger); before he set B2B industrial sales records; before he was partners with a German capital equipment manufacturer; before he founded a distribution/rep company for industrial products in India; until he concluded that managing operational & HR details wasn’t what he enjoyed and started helping others.


Consistent Revenue Growth for Industrial Manufacturers

As buying teams expand and buyers journeys become more complex, many companies have doubled down on "what got them there" with a tweak here and experimental tactic there. That's analogous to the haphazard and ineffective approach that manufacturers originally took to quality and efficiency.

It doesn't work. Forecasting is less reliable, sales pipelines are constipated, and the "status quo" wins more deals. 

So let's solve the revenue growth challenge with the same rigor that completely transformed manufacturing.

Overall Revenue Efficiency (ORE™) provides a systemic approach to improving the entire customer-facing revenue growth effort. We use a framework to optimize strategy, manufacturing marketing, industrial sales, and customer success. In other words, everything top line related.



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