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Whether your international business development program is just an idea, or an actual effort, your business depends on maximizing its effectiveness.  Effectiveness can be elusive – after all “The devil’s in the details” as the saying goes.  And the details involved in a strategic international diversification initiative are our core competency…not yours, and as an international business development consultant we help structure all aspects of the program for maximum profitability, minimum risk and optimal effectiveness.

Too often companies intuit the importance of international sales and start to pursue a variety of unrelated efforts.  Others hesitate, wanting to export but unsure where to start.  So whether you have a program that was developed for a different decade and globe; an “accidental” combination of ad-hoc initiatives begging for reconciliation; or a green field,  Consilium’s traditional approach is the right solution at the right time.  Markets are emerging and growing; new consumers are buying; and while some markets stagnate, others accelerate.

Consilium understands this reality, and fills this need with a traditional business development consultant approach which uniquely integrates a wide range of perspectives and elements which are not normally included in international business development efforts.  We concentrate on effectiveness and ultimate value – and price our program, in phases, to respect resource constraints and maximize value.

For a negotiated and fixed fee Consilium provides consultation according to a mutually agreeable scope – generally including:

  • 1 year duration
  • on-site work as required (typically 6 days during the initial phase / 1 day per quarter thereafter – expenses additional)
  • phone and email consultations as required
  • 3 weeks of international travel (expenses additional)
  • discovery, assessment, recommendations and assistance/execution assistance (or appropriate referrals) for all agreed vertical elements of the program
  • a comprehensive discovery, assessment and strategy recommendation document – updated as appropriate throughout the engagement
  • “skin in the game” – Consilium’s fee structure includes a portion which is tied to international business development success.  Our interests are aligned.

A business development consultant by your side for the long-haul

Consilium’s traditional full-term solution is the right approach for companies that want to build it right.  A business development consultant that not only brings broad, deep and unique international business experience, but also shares your interest.  We have the technical skills, the global experience and a shared interest in your success!

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