Sales Fracking™ B2B Buyer Intent Data is the missing link in digital marketing lead generation

You don't know the buyers you don't know

Or you didn't....until now with intent data!

You know what happens on the web in aggregate - using search data. And you know what happens with individual known and anonymous visitors to your site - using cookie tracking.

But with search CTRs of 5-15% and visitor to lead conversion rates of 2-10%, you only know a small number of actual potential buyers.

Now you can know them all with buyer intent data!


Watch a 3-minute video describing the three complex sales problems that buyer intent data solves.

Just like fracking turned the US from a global energy hostage to a net exporter within a couple years - this data will help you hit your revenue growth targets independent of outside factors beyond your control!

G2Crowd calls Buyer Intent Data "The Ultimate Conversion Tool." Sound like something your marketing and sales team could use?


third party intent data assists sales and marketing teams in understanding purchase intent. B2B intent data enables marketing teams to supplement internal intent data with up to date third party data to improve marketing campaigns.

Is it right for you?

This is well suited for companies:

  • with complex sales of average value >$5K
  • active marketing automation software
  • strong collaboration between marketing and sales

Effective use cases include:

  • accelerate BOFU lead gen beyond inbound marketing
  • build perfect "custom audience" for Facebook ads
  • reduce churn & increase loyalty among current customers
  • augment existing ABM efforts
  • cherry pick competitive prospects
  • build target account contact profiles
intent data helps understand existing customers renewal intent. first party data complements buyer intent signals from third party data to identify companies and website visitors that might be in market

It's easy and fast

There's a lot of activity out there on the web and there's only a small slice in which you're interested. Sure, it's much bigger than what you've captured thus far, but it's not billions and trillions.

We want to deliver the right leads - those that match your target profile. So we start with a simple questionnaire with nine details. Customers, target accounts, ideal client, key search terms, industry news/events & influencers.

That lets us prime the algorithm pump to deliver lots of leads that perfectly suit your ideal profile for you and your team.


third party intent data combined with first party intent data can reveal purchase intent. B2B intent data can help marketing and sales teams turn intent signals into target audience insights.

Delivering Leads

Every week we'll send you the magic data. A simple .csv file will include all the matching activity - can you believe you'll know the name, details and email of a profile matching prospect that takes action directly with your competitor, their employees, or their content!!??

You'll get name, company, email, phone and details on what they did - with special note if they've taken similar action in a previous week.

buying intent data for potential customers can combine with customer data. with that integration, intent data shows details fo the customer journey and can enhance the marketing efforts to a particular compoany

Converting Data to Cash

Here's what we've learned. The Sales Fracking™ Data sounds really sexy.

And it is....once you've added your magic sauce.

You need to (we can absolutely help you get this done) turn the raw data into various retargeting, Facebook ads, direct sales outreach, drip campaigns and other creative approaches.

The biggest problem you'll have is too many leads. So a creative marketing automation and lead management approach will be important to unlock the value.

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Use Cases

Is this the solution to your lead-gen, sales pipeline & closing challenges?


Competitive Prospect

How would you sell if you knew who was considering your competitors' products & services? We'll let you know when a profile fit interacts with your competitors' content, employees and more.


Search Boost

You spend so much...time, energy & money on content creation, SEO & PPC. Are you found? Clicked? Do you Convert? Now you'll know who's searching for your key terms, and you'll get contact details not just PPC bills!


Deal Intel

In complex sales it's not enough to know where your champion stands. You'll learn who on the buying team is exploring news, influencers and competitors as the deal progresses.


Loyalty & Churn

As subscription service renewal approaches, wouldn't it be helpful to know if your customer is comparing alternatives? Of if a long-standing capital equipment customer might be ready to jump?


Custom Audience

Have you begun to tap the power of Facebook "Custom Audiences"? Powerful for sure, but still best guesses based on likes. Stop guessing. Create custom audiences based on known activity across the web.


Account Based Marketing

Love the ABM idea but struggle to execute? Now you can infuse your theoretical brand awareness efforts with actual behavioral and buyer intent data. It's like sitting around their conference table!

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intent data can help target relevant content to prospective buyers in their buying journey. It can also identify prospects by tracking intent keywords associated with the buying process of target prospects

Actual Results

Real contacts in the midlle of real projects - these are real, active, valuable leads.

How do they perform? The data from existing users is clear.

  • 82% acceleration in sales cycle
  • 50% close rate of pipeline deals created from these leads

It makes sense, after all. These are folks that are on the hunt for products & services like yours. They're actively searching and ready to buy. Stop wasting your time on hypotheticals - fill your funnel with active buyers!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do this?
That's what's known in the trade as our "secret sauce." And it took a data scientist to develop the algorithms. This isn't about some simple coding on top of your site - it's about a deep, deep dive into internet behaviors.
What does it cost?

That depends on the size of your market, how many leads you want (competitors you track, target accounts you have, search terms to monitor, etc.). The annual investment is comparable to two to three trade shows for the data.

Need coaching and assistance in interpreting and acting on the data? We can do that too. From manipulation and prioritization, through developing marketing automation workflows and even call scripts, email templates and campaigns.

Please inquire about agency pricing for multiple clients.

How many leads will we get?

That depends....on a number of factors.

The bottom line is we could absolutely bury you in leads, and vendors of IP based data will often pitch you on outrageous volumes. 

But we've actually marketed and sold - run sales teams and been responsible for revenue. And so we focus on providing the large number of leads that will actually likely convert.

We're generally comfortable assuring even suppliers of niche products and services that they'll receive >400/month. The exact number can be substantially higher.

Here's the thing - you don't want to know about all activity with competitors, key terms, etc. That would be overwhelming.

The data you need is the data on which you can and should act to drive leads, deals and sales. Some is early stage (TOFU/top of funnel), some MOFU and lots is BOFU.

We'll work with you to get the right blend, and the right contacts. If you're primary target persona is a corporate engineer, do you want to know if a plant level HR person is searching? The answer may be "yes" depending on what you sell. But it may be "no" in which case it would be a distraction.

Typical TOFU leads are interactions with industry news, certain searches and social media follows of industry influencers. Typical BOFU leads are competitive downloads, along with product/service search terms.

Generally we adjust the algorithm to deliver about 50% BOFU type leads.

Why is it called Sales Fracking Data?

It's a perfect analogy.

Fracking technology has enabled energy producers to find, access and extract vast new supplies of natural gas. It's also allowed them to return to previously depleted sources and efficiently extract more.

Some have concerns about the technology - but it's put US industry ahead of the world based on low-cost energy for manufacturing.

And it's put early adopters on track to industry dominance.

How to select an intent data provider

Many companies offer intent data and all make interesting claims about how their data reveals purchase intent.

But selecting the right third party B2B intent data vendor for your business requires an understanding of how intent data is collected, what the data provider actually provides in terms of accuracy for your sales team, and how marketing campaigns can be realistically improved for website visitors and by incorporating buying journey insights and company data into your marketing automation platform.

How does this compare to Bombora & others?

We deliver actual interactions - directly observed indicators of buyer intent. And while we can't tell you exactly what technology Mintigo, Multiview, The Big Willow, Bombora, and others are using, firms that claim to provide buyer intent data normally use IP address association and interpolate surges in activity they observe with lists of known contacts from that geography.

It's better than nothing, for sure. But it's not nearly as good as actually knowing who did what.

Short answer....there is no comparison!

Is this legal?

Seriously? We're a bit offended at the implication, but understand the question. It's such an amazing and radical opportunity, that we all naturally ask ourselves why everyone's not doing it.

Yes, it's legal. You know you're tracked online. Perhaps you just didn't realize how extensively.

According to our research and understandings, this Sales Fracking Data service complies with all site and service Terms of Use, and further is ICO and GDPR compliant.

You are responsible for how you use the data, however, and should be aware of both explicit (e.g. CAN-SPAM) and buyer perception considerations in developing campaigns.

What do we do with the leads?

We provide the leads once/week in a .csv file. Sound archaic? Experience tells us that you're going to want to start with a list to review anyway, and then to segment into different drip campaigns, paid ad programs and workflows.

So we work with a format that supports that.

We also have learned that daily reporting becomes overwhelming. Our weekly batch format allows for consistent, attentive review and appropriate follow up.

Generally you'll get your first batch of leads about a week after you provide all the required set-up info. Then we'll work over the following several weeks to help you refine the algorithm to deliver what you really want.

As far as what to do, we'll make initial suggestions based on what you explain about your goals, sales process, etc. These can include paid ads (Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn), marketing automation workflows, inside/field sales sequences, drip campaigns and more.

And if you want our ongoing assistance implementing any of these, we also provide that. So if you've got a lean marketing department and just want all this to "happen" in the background while you plan your next trade show - we can make that happen, with periodic checkins.

Using Intent Data to Support Manufacturing Marketing and Industrial Sales

As industrial sales and manufacturing marketing get harder, adding intent data tools can help. This specialized type of information, gathered and analyzed by intent data providers, empowers sales and marketing teams with actionable insights. It's not just about having data; it's about having high quality data that is relevant and actionable.

Let's look at how intent data might help.

First Party B2B Intent Data

First party intent data, collected directly by a company, offers profound insights into the behavior and preferences of potential customers. By analyzing this data, companies can more effectively target their marketing efforts to the segments of their audience most likely to convert. This targeting is not just limited to the broad strokes of demographic information but dives deeper into the specific needs and interests of a target audience.

Customer Research & Buyer Understanding

The integration of B2B intent data into marketing strategies allows for a more nuanced understanding of the customer journey. From initial interest to final purchase, every touchpoint is an opportunity to gather valuable insights. Sales and marketing teams can use this information to tailor their approaches, ensuring that potential customers receive the most relevant and compelling messages at each stage of their journey.

Data Providers - Good & Bad

Data providers play a crucial role in this ecosystem. They not only collect and aggregate data but also provide the tools and expertise necessary to analyze and interpret it. This analysis helps in identifying patterns and trends that may not be immediately obvious, enabling sales teams to anticipate customer needs and preferences.

Making B2B Buyer Intent Data Actionable

The utilization of sales data in conjunction with intent data can improve lead management. Instead of relying on traditional metrics, lead scoring can now incorporate a multitude of behavioral indicators, making the process more accurate and efficient. This approach ensures that the sales team focuses their efforts on the leads most likely to convert, thereby increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

Lead Generation, Personalization, Marketing Effectiveness

For a particular company, the application of intent data can lead to more leads that are of higher quality. It's not just about increasing the quantity of leads but improving their quality. By understanding what a potential customer is looking for, companies can tailor their offerings to meet those specific needs, thereby increasing the chances of conversion.

Customer Lifecycle Benefits of Intent Data

In terms of customer loyalty, intent data provides insights that go beyond the initial sale. By continuously monitoring customer behavior and preferences, companies can anticipate needs and address them proactively, strengthening customer relationships and fostering loyalty.

Target Accounts and Account-Based Marketing

Target account strategies can also benefit significantly from the use of intent data. By understanding the specific interests and needs of key accounts, sales teams can provide personalized experiences that resonate with each account, thereby increasing the likelihood of long-term business relationships.

A Performance Edge for Manufacturing Marketing and Industrial Sales

Using intent data in industrial sales and manufacturing marketing represents a significant advancement in how companies approach their sales and marketing efforts. By leveraging the insights provided by first party intent data and the expertise of data vendors, companies can gain a deeper understanding of their target audience, improve their lead scoring mechanisms, generate more high-quality leads, enhance customer loyalty, and ultimately drive more effective sales and marketing strategies. Intent data is not just a tool; it's a roadmap to a more informed and strategic approach to business growth.

Ready to get started? Cool. Let's go!