Revenue Growth Consulting for B2B Manufacturers

Ed Marsh assists industrial manufacturers with revenue growth management consulting servicesI understand you and your buyers. I'm an exceptional industrial content marketer and have on the ground B2B biz dev experience on nearly every continent. (Not too much B2B sales demand in Antarctica these days!)

Exceptional expertise in industrial sales, manufacturing marketing,  international sales, channel management, and strategy combine to create truly unique business development consulting for B2B manufacturers willing to seize unprecedented opportunities.

Areas of Expertise

Revenue Growth Management

  • Digital marketing and transformation of the revenue growth more
  • Sales Channel optimization in age of disintermediation
  • Global expansion through digital, organic & inorganic approaches
  • Industrial sales


  • Board level advisory on disruptive trends
  • Developing long-term value through revenue growth process IP & data assets

My Typical Revenue Growth Management Clients

ORE consulting supports revenue growth management by adapting best practices from operations and production and applying them to marketing and salesI work with middle market industrial manufacturers where owners and executives are comfortable, on the one hand, that they've grown and will continue to grow. But on the other hand they have a nagging concern that they don't know exactly what's worked in the past, nor that it will continue to in the future.

Process Engineering and Continuous Improvement for Sales & Marketing

My integrated Overall Revenue Effectiveness™ Framework approach helps manufacturers bring the best practices from the production floor to improve their manufacturing marketing and industrial sales efforts.

Predictable Growth in Unpredictable Markets

Revenue Growth Management is increasingly perplexing for many industrial manufacturers because traditional marketing and sales approaches are decreasingly effective. 

But they're almost hard coded into culture and practice.

My work focuses on helping traditional industrial companies to understand the revenue growth output as the product of an engineered process and system just like production.

Many distinct tactics, steps and disciplines must be individually optimized and integrated in order to achieve the desired results. This requires cultural change, mindset shift, and often new technology, sales training, and significant changes in the marketing approaches.

My revenue growth consulting helps business leaders navigate these changes with confidence in their decisions and comfort in my ability to guide and advise them and their teams.

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