Rigorous, Repeatable, Efficient & Effective Industrial Sales Talent Recruiting and Hiring Process

Take the "Gut Feeling" Out of Critical Industrial Sales Hiring Decisions

You'd laugh if someone suggested using a divining rod to find water, or a mystic to inform strategic decisions. Do you realize how close your current sales hiring process comes to those absurdities?

Most companies make a series of critical mistakes when hiring industrial sales talent. They:

  • recruit from the wrong pool, and only when they have an opening
  • rely on interviews and resumes which are each <20% predictive of success*
  • onboard inadequately

And then they passively let sales run:

  • train and coach minimally and informally
  • fail to track important performance metrics
  • wait too long to make changes
  • resist tightly integrating digital tools and marketing functions with sales

Let's Bring Process Improvement to Sales Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding to Match the Rigor and Precision of Other Functions!

Our Overall Revenue Effectiveness™ Framework brings a process engineering approach (similar to OEE) to the entire Top Line revenue function; from strategy, through marketing to sales. It engineers an efficient and effective process in aggregate and dives deep into components as required.

Sales effectiveness is core to revenue. The raw material of sales effectiveness is great talent - 1 to 3 standard deviations from most. But current systems are expensive, time-consuming, and sadly prone to expensive mistakes and mediocrity.

We help middle-market industrial manufacturers optimize manufacturing sales talent in several ways.

industrial sales recruiting is a critical process for industrial manufacturers and should be efficient, effective and repeatable to consistently identify top industrial sales talent and sales professionals with a track record in industrial manufacturing sales

Repeatable, Efficient Process for Sourcing Industrial Sales Talent

Good process leads to consistent, repeatable outcomes with minimal waste. And waste - candidate processing and interviewing time, underperforming territories, recruiter costs, and hiring mistakes - characterizes industrial sales teams.

We train you and your team on OMG's STAR™ process or execute it on your behalf. From writing an effective job posting and sourcing better candidates, through efficient processing, to better hiring and faster ramp-up, this efficient approach lets you recruit consistently, at a modest cost, and hire salespeople who actually WILL sell.

You can use this process in conjunction with industrial sales recruiters, or run your own manufacturing sales recruiting.

manufacturers can improve sales recruiting and hiring to be more precise and also support diversity equity and inclusion programs. The hiring process should focus on qualified candidates with experience in manufacturing sales and the industrial space

Predictive Tools, Better Outcomes, Supports DEI Efforts

Not only are resume's only 18% predictive of sales success* (the same as traditional, time-consuming interviews!) but they're laborious to process and compromise DEI goals. Names and dates convey information that may create unconscious bias in the reviewer.

A critical step in our process - whether we coach you or run it for you - is the OMG Sales Assessment for reps, managers and VPs. With an independently confirmed 91% predictive validity, the assessments let you focus time and attention on the sales professionals who are the best candidates - those that likely will perform - without any filtering for other bias.

rapid sales ramp up requires a well planned onboarding and coaching plan to help the best candidates that emerge from the recruitment process to quickly contribute to the sales team and contribute their own industrial sales

Onboarding & Coaching Roadmap

Only 12% of employees believe that their company did a good job onboarding*. Your industrial sales hires will underperform from day one, and may start looking for their next job because of poor onboarding.

Sales candidate assessments that measure sales skills and capabilities provide detailed feedback to guide the onboarding and coaching plan. Don't just hand them a laptop and credit card, invest in your mutual success by focusing on the areas that will have the biggest impact on the sales team.

frustrated with your experience with manufacturing sales recruiters and don't have time for industrial sales recruiting? Our service is often better tailored to finding sales talent for industrial manufacturing sales than typical industrial sales recruiters whose interests may not align.

"Done For You" Service Option

The traditional model of sales recruiting and hiring is so cumbersome and fraught that executives often only endure it when a territory is empty. And they hesitate to make changes when they know it's necessary.

Our process will help you improve efficiency and accuracy, and often significantly reduce costs. But you still might hesitate.

So we can run the process for you for a period of time to prove the concept until you're ready to take it in-house after seeing the efficiency and effectiveness. We specialize in industrial capital equipment. While we're not a traditional "headed hunter" recruiter, we will likely reduce your reliance on them as well as the corresponding expense. 

* Andy Miller, The Science of Hiring Quota Busting Sales Teams

The OMG recruiting process grader will help uncover opportunities to improve manufacturing sales candidate selection, whether you use recruiting firms or rely on your own extensive network to hire top talent

Wondering How Your Current Sales Recruiting Process Compares?

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Chuck Kerwin

We've always taken a very traditional and conservative approach to sales hiring. Ed's helped us understand the additional skills required for capital equipment sales today. Then running his recruiting model on our behalf, has helped us hire and source great candidates that we might not have previously considered.

- Chuck, General Manager

Kyle Gorman

We've churned through lots of salespeople. Each time we thought we were hiring a superstar but learned later we had a good person that consumed management resources and couldn't really sell. Ed's coaching and process have helped us dramatically upgrade our team, and the impact on revenue is huge.

- Kyle, Co-Founder & Partner

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