Why this process works perfectly for manufacturers

This model provides the tools, experience, framework and advice that pulls it together in a package which empowers your team to achieve. There's no shortage of "experts" in the market - this model delivers the "wisdom" that's often the difference between work and success.



The goal of my process is to create a system your team can use to propel your marketing forward. In order to do that, we need to start by understanding your current business, your marketing, what assets you have, and what assets you need. All of that information allows me to develop a plan tailored to your business and its needs that you can carry forward either wth my help or without it.



Revenue growth is an increasingly complex challenge. Many companies invest in the work, but because of seemingly insignificant details, fail to realize results.

The details are critical - and a solid program is built on a firm footing. We know from experience that ad-hoc execution generally fails. While often consulting "assessments" are vacuous, we start with the following comprehensive and actionable assessment & execution plan which creates the context and direction for the ongoing work.

The initial work takes from 45-90 days and requires access to key leadership and staff members, but doesn't involve more than a couple days of any individual's time.



Create an Execution Plan

With specific direction from the plan, and context from the assessment, we collectively identify priorities, identify work required and match it against available resources (with our guidance on reasonable requirements for different activities.)

This generally involves:

  • access to the toolkit
  • one hour online meeting / week with marketing team
  • one hour online meeting / month with marketing & sales leadership together
  • one hour online meeting / month with management
  • quarterly one day on-site (travel expenses additional)
  • full access to corporate management team for questions, recommendations and discussion of progress/performance, staffing and internal capability development, alignment with strategy
  • availability to answer conceptual questions by email and phone
  • availability to answer execution questions by Slack
  • assistance with issues with tools which knowledgebase and/or tech support haven't adequately resolved



Ongoing Coaching

Once the foundation is in place then your team takes over, with advice and coaching, for the next three months.

After that it's your call. We can continue the coaching and advisory work in three month increments. While some clients roll from quarter to quarter - even opting in advance for annual assistance - others prefer to try quarter on followed by quarter off.

This process is so potentially complex and sophisticated that the longer the work progresses the deeper we dive into details of specific areas while retaining progressively higher levels of baselineproficiency in all.

Want to pause periodically for your team to consolidate their lessons learned? No problem. You can license access to the toolkit, framework, content and maturity model at a reduced cost or simply go it alone at no charge - building on the expertise you've developed.


What distinguish Ed from other consultants is his extensive experience on capital equipment, B2B and industrial markets in the US and internationally, offering a unique perspective on market and growth potential with experience on both sides, as a consultant and business owner

-Jorge, VP of Market Development

Ed has an intuitive understanding of industrial B2B marketing. He comprehensively analyzes markets – often from angles and at depths others never consider. He instinctively segments and masterfully crafts the culturally appropriate message – developed for the vertical, geographic and audience demographic he targets

- Dave, VP of Marketing

It has been a pleasure to work with Consilium. They have brought exceptional, experienced, and a broad based business perspective to our B2B business development efforts. Ed has proven to be a strategic asset to our business and has a clear understanding of global markets, digital marketing tools, international business and logistics, and has demonstrated a unique capability to deliver concise value add strategies.

- David, VP & GM

Ed’s excellent sales strategy sessions with our leadership led to outstanding recommendations on how to best develop our international presence. He is highly qualified in this area, and took the time to fully understand our unique advantages and challenges rather than offering generic, one-size-fits-all suggestions.

- Joe, COO

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