Consilium Global Business Advisors’ International Sales Development Model

Skeptical of the standard marketing “blah blah”?  You should be.  Your business, your market and your challenges don’t fit a narrow predefined niche – and your international sales strategy won’t either.


Consilium’s approach is different.  We’ve started and owned international businesses, and we’ve lived and worked in various countries.  We understand your perspective and realize that some simplistic uni-dimensional approach sounds as ineffective as it really is.  Ours is the product of experience, and leverages our unique multi-disciplinary, vertically integrated approach.

An international sales initiative built for the long-term begins with a solid strategy.  And our strategy phase incorporates elements you won’t find anywhere else.  For instance, did you realize that a government relations component was an important adjunct to any international sales effort?

Worried about getting paid for your international sales?  Of course you are.  Confused by foreign exchange (FX) terminology?  Sure!  (Download our free eBook here to demystify FX)  No doubt export related finance issues can feel intimidating – but they shouldn’t be.  Nevertheless a solid plan needs to incorporate a business owner’s understanding of finance related issues.

So you’re going to sell internationally.  Congratulations!  How are you going to find customers?  Not sure?  It’s a silly answer, but an honest one….and you are not alone!  International marketing is a completely different beast than the one you have mastered at home.  It takes an experienced international perspective to approach it productively and successfully.  And it requires an innovative and entrepreneurial angle to bring entirely new disciplines to bear – like Consilium’s international inbound marketing initiative.

Risk keeping you up at night?  (It shouldn’t.)  Do you understand your risk exposure?  (Probably not!)  Risk management should underlie every international sales initiative decision.

EXW and FCA might as well be greek?  The international logistics system is remarkably efficient.  But there are speed bumps and potholes which will disrupt your business, cost you money and potentially alienate hard-won customers.  Consilium’s approach helps to structure an efficient system from the beginning, optimizing efficiency and minimizing cost.

And the big kahuna – international distribution channel management may seem intuitive but isn’t.  This discipline (part science and largely art) is often the difference between a mediocre international sales program – and a blow-out success.  Selecting the best model, picking the right partners and contracting sensibly, training and engaging them, and managing the ongoing channel program require a deft touch and international experience.

And the beauty of Consilium’s flexible approach is that you can address any of these topics as a short-term “quick fix”, a medium-term “deep dive” or a full-term comprehensive engagement.

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