New Revenue Growth Bootcamp for Board Directors of Private Companies

admin | Jun 8, 2023 5:00:00 PM

Ed Marsh Launches New Program to Improve Board Governance and Revenue Growth for Privately Held Industrial Manufacturers

Ipswich, MA

June 8, 2023

Industrial manufacturers and capital equipment companies face an increasingly challenging and rapidly evolving revenue growth environment. Yet their organizational structure, marketing and sales tactics, and management approaches remain anchored in a more traditional approach. 

Many companies, from sales rep, through manager and VP, to executive management, aren't aware that the traditional practices that have helped them grow for years are unlikely to achieve the same success with changing buyer behaviors. Private company boards of directors are often unprepared to fulfill their oversight and governance responsibilities as they also lack an understanding of up-to-date marketing and sales best practices.

Ed Marsh is launching the Board of Directors Revenue Growth Bootcamp to put this important knowledge in the hands of boards so they can guide companies to continued growth. The BootCamp is designed to deliver impact and value for privately held industrial companies via an efficient remote and in-person model. It will:

  • Help boards improve their governance and increase awareness of important skills gaps in board composition
  • Improve board function
  • Foster collaboration between the board and executive management
  • Measure the company's marketing and sales performance against a detailed maturity model diagnostic
  • Deliver deep, detailed insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the sales team - in aggregate and individually
  • Create a roadmap for improvement
  • Create revenue growth alignment from management through the C Suite to the board.

"It pains me to see great manufacturing companies with storied brands, great products and strong balance sheets jeopardize their position with outdated sales and marketing," says Ed Marsh, founder of Consilium. "I want to help them thrive, so I designed the BootCamp to help boards improve their performance and alignment with management, and to help the entire organization understand how to upgrade their marketing and sales."

The Board of Directors Revenue Growth Bootcamp is built for midsize industrial manufacturing firms. It begins with several diagnostic tools to benchmark:

  • board composition
  • board director alignment
  • executive team alignment
  • organizational and individual sales skills
  • Overall Revenue Effectiveness™ - a framework of strategy, marketing, sales and technology

These diagnostics form the basis for a structured and efficient onsite meeting with board, executive team and management.

Marsh continues "Once the BootCamp is complete, everyone is aligned on what revenue growth requires, the board is focused on optimizing governance, and great results are sure to follow."

The process is efficient and feasible for busy teams and remote board members. Just 1-2 hours of advance work is required per person, and the structured onsite pulls together the threads to position the board, executive team and the company for improved governance and performance against revenue growth targets.

The outcomes include better revenue results, improved collaboration, and a huge sense of empowerment when everyone understands what's required, why, and how to get there.

Interested directors, owners, investors, and executives can learn more about the BootCamp at

Companies can proactively select dates for the onsite, or schedule some time to discuss their situation, challenges and goals to see if the Board Revenue Growth Bootcamp is the right solution for their circumstances.

About Consilium Global Business Advisors: Consilium assists American manufacturers in applying process excellence to their business development. In other words, we help lean, well-managed companies with rock-solid bottom lines effectively and consistently grow their top lines to match. We work primarily with mid-size industrial manufacturing and capital equipment companies, guiding them through a journey toward Overall Revenue Effectiveness™.

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