Digitization for Machinery OEMs; Sell More, Service More, Delight More

admin | Apr 3, 2023 1:56:36 PM

Ed Marsh and Markus Rimmele Will Present the Compelling Case and Feasible Solution for Digitization by Capital Equipment OEMs

Ipswich, MA

April 3, 2023

Mid-size machinery builders often struggle to meet buyer expectations for sophisticated digital capabilities. Driven by B2C experiences, B2B expectations extend beyond the traditional machine sphere to include capabilities that require extensive development and support resources. Ed Marsh and Markus Rimmele will present a webinar at 11 am ET on Wednesday, April 19th, to discuss how partnerships will help machinery OEMs meet customer expectations and boost their business.

Machinery OEMs face real-world limitations. They are normally staffed to design, build, sell, and support their traditional equipment and carefully defined roadmap. They don't have extra resources to create complex digital solutions or the expertise to sell and support them. Yet buyers expect these solutions, and increasingly those capabilities represent competitive differentiation. OEMs risk falling behind.

Partnerships can help capital equipment builders quickly meet the digitization expectations of buyers, develop revenue streams, gain access to incumbent accounts, and edge out competitors on important deals.

"There are huge benefits for machinery OEMs when they can meet buyers' expectations for digitization," says Markus Rimmele, founder of DigitalituM. "They win more deals, grow revenue, beat competitors, and delight customers."

This webinar will cover important considerations for capital equipment OEMs considering digitization initiatives. These will include:

  • How partnerships will help to launch offerings without requiring extensive development or costly operational, sales, or support investments
  • The power of digitization and why buyers are increasingly demanding it
  • Common barriers to implementation and concerns regarding IIoT security
  • Business benefits include increased revenue, recurring revenue, access to competitive accounts, improved customer experience, and competitive differentiation

Ed Marsh, the founder of Consilium, adds, "Mid-size OEM machinery companies are challenged to meet buyer expectations in areas well beyond their traditional expertise. Partnerships with carefully vetted digitization vendors offer many benefits."

Partnership marketing is an approach that software and tech companies have used to drive rapid growth, but it's rarer in the OEM world, where many entrepreneurial inventors cultivate a culture of self-sufficiency and in-house innovation. It's time to change that, and digitization is the perfect reason.

Developing, selling, and supporting completely different products is unrealistic for many middle-market machinery builders. Yet buyers expect those capabilities. Marketing and sales partnerships provide an easy-to-implement solution for capital equipment sales companies. 

A Partnership ecosystem can help them bring solutions to the market without significant risk or investment yet capture revenue and market share opportunities while delivering an improved customer experience and meeting buyer expectations.

This free webinar is intended for leaders and managers of OEMs with responsibility for management, finance, sales, marketing, operations, and service. It will explain common hurdles and explore how partnerships can help OEMs deliver what the market expects, with some insights particularly applicable for the challenges of US daughter companies of German machinery builders. Register here today.

About Consilium Global Business Advisors: Consilium assists American manufacturers in applying process excellence to their business development. In other words, we help lean, well-managed companies with rock-solid bottom lines effectively and consistently grow their top lines to match. We work primarily with mid-size industrial manufacturing and capital equipment companies, guiding them through a journey toward Overall Revenue Effectiveness™.

About DigitalituM: Founded in 2021 by Markus Rimmele, DigitalituM is a consulting and services firm that provides digitization advisory and solutions to manufacturing firms. Focused on AR / VR / IoT and AI technology, the firm identifies leading vendors and assists in implementation. Markus' German machinery engineering and support experience provide a unique perspective that balances practical requirements and common implementation barriers against the business benefits for manufacturers and machinery OEMs.

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