Board & Senior Leadership

Too many boards of directors / advisors provide retrospective guidance to senior leadership teams that are focused on quarterly numbers.  That's inadequate given today's pace and magnitude of change.

Enduring revenue growth requires active exploration of trends and scenarios.  Our workshops for boards and or senior leadership teams are a blend of wake-up call and trend analysis.  We facilitate discussions around these topics which impact long-term revenue growth:

  • Finance - what impact will rising rates have on the client and their customers
  • IoT - what "product" or value should the client be planning on it's product road map
  • Sharing economy - many industrial manufacturers think of products to be sold to one buyer.  What happens when the buyers share?
  • Batches of 1 - 3D printing will change the way clients operate, but could massively impact their relationship with customers
  • Globalization - demographics, political risk, diversification - how can clients leverage global opportunities and mitigate risks
  • Organization - how to staff for revenue growth as marketing and sales converge
  • Inorganic growth - what acquisition opportunities should be explored
  • Enterprise valuation - how to maximize value for stakeholders and planning for liquidity events
  • Data - how can customer facing data be mined to deliver new products, more value, create competitive advantage

These are invigorating dialogs and often quite eye-opening for boards and senior leadership teams.  The breadth of strategic topics is critical to developing really sustainable growth for middle market companies in fast changing industries that used to be slow moving.


Inbound Marketing Culture

Marketing is just for the marketing team, right?  WRONG!

Successful digital marketing requires an empathetic approach to the entire customer journey.  And typically marketing has among the least direct contact (compared to sales, service and other functions.)

Further, buyers loathe more dry, corporate speak recitations of features and benefits - they'd much rather hear from all your folks that have time in teh field, real application insight, and empathy with the business challenges they face.

Ultimately inbound marketing is about changing the company's approach to prospects, customers and markets.  And that sort of change requires high level support and enthusiasm, and broad alignment.

Our dynamic workshops bring teams together, from senior management to staff from all departments.  We lay out the challenge, illustrate the solution and bring the group along quickly toward the habits that will define the company's inbound marketing culture.

Workshops are normally delivered in the course of project work, but can be provided as stand-alone programs as well.

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