I love the hum of factory floors

The smell of the cutting oil; the thump of the press; the beeps of the forklifts. I grew my career in factories and understand the pressures and rewards.

My mission is to eliminate the gap between careful, scientific management of back end manufacturing operations and unpredictable front end revenue growth.

I help companies grow predictably - revenue, profits and valuation - and build strategic plans for ongoing resilience.

I prefer to work with people that make stuff - that value pitter patter over chitter chatter.

Manufacturing is noble and inspiring, and manufacturers deserve the same sort of strong strategic vision and revenue growth execution which fuels their tech counterparts.

Characteristics of an Ideal Client


Financial Profile

A profitable middle market company ($10MM - $1B). They want to build internally towards long-term success. Eager to produce IP and assets around their revenue growth.


Management Outlook

Growth mindset and belief that you can always be improving. Is willing to buy into the process and fully engage. Encourages a culture of accountability at all levels.


Industry / Market

Industrial, manufacturers, capital equipment are common. Most, however, are in industrial manufacturing, capital equipment, automation, instrumentation and related industries.


Current Marketing

Traditionally, they haven't done much marketing but are now investing in marketing automation. They have a website, but it is not driving many leads. May be wondering if this was a mistake.


Current Sales

Normally rely on outside sales and indirect channels. When they get to the table, they close deals. They have some data management, but their metrics and process are poorly defined.


Current Strategy

Incremental improvement built on expectation of consistent environment.

Does this sound like you?

You may want to talk to Ed.

What distinguish Ed from other consultants is his extensive experience on capital equipment, B2B and industrial markets in the US and internationally, offering a unique perspective on market and growth potential with experience on both sides, as a consultant and business owner

-Jorge, VP of Market Development

Ed has an intuitive understanding of industrial B2B marketing. He comprehensively analyzes markets – often from angles and at depths others never consider. He instinctively segments and masterfully crafts the culturally appropriate message – developed for the vertical, geographic and audience demographic he targets

- Dave, VP of Marketing

It has been a pleasure to work with Consilium. They have brought exceptional, experienced, and a broad based business perspective to our B2B business development efforts. Ed has proven to be a strategic asset to our business and has a clear understanding of global markets, digital marketing tools, international business and logistics, and has demonstrated a unique capability to deliver concise value add strategies.

- David, VP & GM

Ed’s excellent sales strategy sessions with our leadership led to outstanding recommendations on how to best develop our international presence. He is highly qualified in this area, and took the time to fully understand our unique advantages and challenges rather than offering generic, one-size-fits-all suggestions.

- Joe, COO


You Are a Builder

You experiment, test, develop and improve your products.

But your Revenue Growth function is different - you don't have the same in house expertise. And many leaders of B2B industrial companies are gradually realizing that despite good people and great intentions, what they've built isn't best in class like their products. They don't have the same rigorous process for marketing and sales that they have for manufacturing operations, and they don't have the same insight and control. It's left largely to chance.

And as a result most companies find that:

  • Sales are difficult to forecast accurately
  • Pipelines are unpredictable
  • They're not clear which marketing investments are really effective
  • The effort is only focused on selling what they have - not predicting new products and revenue models, nor developing long-term enterprise value

We Help You Build

We were tired of it too!

After three years of expirementing ourselves with consulting and agency models, our Eureka moment struck. You don't need to outsource - in fact you don't want to and you shouldn't.

BUT, your internal team is just that - an internal team that knows your products and your company but operates under a set of assumptions that are inherently limiting.

Your COO relies on outside counsel. Your CFO uses outside auditors and financial advisors. You have LEAN consultants to help improve your manufacturing operations, and you rely on insurance experts to help weave proper coverage.

You need the same for revenue growth - more than just the tactical sales training which you may have.

Manufacturing Revenue Growth Guide