Industrial Marketing Helps Buyers Buy, Sales Sell, and Management Manage

It's Complex. We Make it Simple.

Remote sales piled upon online research, large buying teams and multi-channel digital engagement mean that industrial marketing plays a new, larger role in buyer experience, lead generation, technology, and sales.

Industrial marketing teams in traditional manufacturing companies face mindset and resource challenges, but it's critical that they become integrated partners with sales to drive revenue growth results.

For middle-market capital equipment and machinery companies that means marketing functions that were either previously unnecessary or didn't even exist. That creates requirements that can overlap, multiply and conflict.

Our Overall Revenue Effectiveness™ Framework lets us help you plan, prioritize, budget, implement, manage and measure the impact of every dollar spent on marketing and sales.

ORE helps you avoid complications from ad-hoc implementations and keep your team focused on the Top Line as you manage complex industrial marketing requirements.

strategy, product marketing and competitive intelligence are important functions of industrial marketing

Strategy, Product & Competitive

Industrial marketing sculpts corporate strategy priorities into actionable plans that are built around buyers' priorities and objectives. Product marketing helps to optimize for fit and pricing while competitive intelligence informs decisions and shapes sales tactics.

These both precede any marketing tactics but also are continuous industrial marketing functions that require collaboration across departments.

industrial marketing responsibilities include public relations, brand marketing and content creation

Branding, Content & PR

Sometimes lumped into marketing communications, these functions drive digital lead generation. They focus on crafting the message and image that the company projects. They are copywriting, image and video-intensive and require consistency, precision, and detailed planning.

Every output should explicitly support strategy by design and planning to achieve SEO and lead generation objectives and contribute to lead generation and sales enablement. Contemporary public relations is a content distribution play, Manufacturing Journalism™ guides powerful content, and content marketing answers the questions buyers ask themselves.


industrial manages the company's data and provides additional data sources to support sales

Technology & Data

Industrial marketing is built around technology and upon data. Marketing technology including marketing automation, conversational marketing, video, email optimization, SEO, and content management systems must be integrated with sales technology including CRM and sales force automation.

Prospect and customer databases represent valuable corporate assets to be carefully maintained and enriched. Third-party data sources, including intent data, provide contacts and insights to fuel outbound sales.

sales enablement is a critical industrial marketing function at the intersection of manufacturing marketing and industrial sales

Marketing Operations & Sales Enablement

All of this takes a lot of work! That in turn takes special skills, outsource resources, and a team of folks whose job is to keep it all properly organized and updated - we call that Marketing Operations.

And a huge part of their job is to help the sales team find more prospects, create more projects and drive more revenue. That's achieved through sales enablement.

closed-loop industrial marketing analytics and reporting helps to manage the revenue growth process


Forget the old saying about not knowing which half of your marketing dollars are wasted. Properly configured technology enables real-time reporting. Strong business acumen helps to craft dashboards, reports, and alerts that keep each management level of corporate, sales, and marketing teams aligned and informed for proactive action.

Closed-loop reporting attributes every dollar of revenue to associated marketing investments.


trade shows remain an important industrial marketing lead generation tool

Trade Shows & Trade Journal Advertising

Yes! Of course, these are still part of your marketing plan. But they're a smaller part, and they're built on the same pillars of technology and strategy as the rest of your industrial marketing. 

While integrated industrial marketing will drive results, and you'll likely reallocate resources from sales and traditional spend like trade shows, you'll optimize these around your tracking to measure the return and effectiveness of each show, campaign and publisher.

industrial marketing should manage content, product and affiliate partnerships to reach extended markets


Technology companies have found that partnerships help them access audiences and markets with referral authority and low cost. Brandscaping content programs, industry knowledge graph collaboration, and event coordination with adjacent technology vendors can yield big results, but take specialized coordination.


Yes...It's a Lot. That's Why You'll Value My Help.

Let's Engineer It Using an Overall Revenue Effectiveness Framework

Sure, it would easier to say it's quick to do a bit of SEO, refresh the website, run some paid ads or start a blog.

But that would be cheating you. 

Success today requires integrated marketing and sales, and a full program of marketing to reach each type of buyer where they are in their buying journey and preferences. 

It will cost you more than you've spent in the past. But our model will ensure you build a functional system that you can measure and manage, and one that will drive results. It's not about shiny objects, it's about understanding manufacturing business, industrial sales, digital marketing and how decisions are made.

If you've tried various tactics without success, let's talk about an integrated approach.

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