Ed Marsh Launches the Industrial Growth Institute Podcast

Ed Marsh | May 20, 2024 5:15:00 PM

Ed Marsh Hosts Experts From Disciplines Across Industrial Strategy, Marketing, and Sales in an Entertaining Podcast

BOSTON, MA - May 23rd, 2024


Growing an industrial manufacturing business is now every bit as complex as the R&D, process and operations of advanced manufacturing. Business owners, executives and managers need resources to continuously improve and optimize their strategy, marketing, sales and customer experience. 

That's what the Industrial Growth Institute Podcast provides.

Ed Marsh, independent director and industrial revenue growth expert, is the host of the podcast.

“Companies have spent years refining and improving their manufacturing and operations,” says Ed Marsh, founder of Ed Marsh Consulting. "Contrasting that with manufacturing marketing and industrial sales is often startling. The rigor, KPIs, process engineering and continuous improvement that characterize production is often largely missing from the front end of the business."

Marketing and sales have evolved significantly over the last decade, but many industrial manufacturers still follow a very traditional playbook. They emphasize industrial trade shows and industry journal advertising. Typically a small marketing department accompanies a much larger sales group. But buyers are conducting more of their activity online, in the domain often associated with marketing. And research shows that as many as 40% of sales reps chronically miss quota.

Marsh uses his Overall Revenue Effectiveness™ Framework to map the arc of the podcast episodes and topics. ORE sees strategy and board operations, all aspects of industrial marketing, various elements of B2B sales, and customer experience and technology as all elements of a fully integrated revenue growth system.

Guests bring specialty expertise and interesting personal and professional backgrounds, which Marsh explores to create entertaining and engaging conversations that deep-dive into important topics in revenue growth.

The essence of the ORE Framework is that revenue growth, like manufacturing, is an integrated system of interrelated disciplines and activities. Practiced in isolation, these cannot drive consistent, predictable revenue growth. Only when activities are integrated can companies fully unlock the growth opportunity available to them. 

The podcast weaves distinct disciplines together into an overall approach to industrial revenue growth and helps listeners learn about best practices from other industries that they can apply to industrial growth. Each episode explores tactical and specific details in the context of high-level strategy and helps listeners understand how they fit into an integrated approach. 

Marsh continues, "Industrial manufacturing is the backbone of many communities. It creates jobs and the amazing products that power our economy. It's time that manufacturers bring the same rigor to the front end of the business that they've long brought to production and operations. The Industrial Growth Institute Podcast will help them do that."

The podcast is appropriate for owners, directors, senior executives, managers, and individual contributors in industrial manufacturing firms. You can subscribe and watch the video podcast on YouTube, or listen at www.IndustrialGrowth.Institute or on your preferred podcast player.

About Ed Marsh:  Ed has 25 years of experience in industrial marketing, sales & management. He's a HubSpot tiered partner and has helped a number of B2B companies achieve revenue growth success by coaching and developing their internal teams using this model. He's a graduate of Johns Hopkins, a former Ranger qualified Airborne Infantry Officer, NACD Board Director Fellow and member of the Association for Corporate Growth. He's also an experienced international businessman and former Export Advisor to American Express's Grow Global program.

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