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Ed Marsh | Nov 1, 2014 3:30:00 PM

Consilium Global Business Advisors announces the publication of its latest eBook - “Manufacturing Revenue Growth”


BOSTON, MA, 1 November, 2014

industrial buyers in your target market are prospective customers to reach through manufacturing marketing. New customer acquisition requires defining the ideal customer and then using content marketing for lead generationAmerican manufacturing is rebounding and industrial manufacturers of all types are positioned for global success.  Many have reengineered operations to improve quality, increase efficiency and reduce costs.  American manufacturing operations are truly world class.

But many companies face serious revenue growth challenges.  While they’ve mastered manufacturing, the internet has drastically changed buyer behaviors.  The traditional sales and marketing approaches, and even the staffing and budgeting model for those activities are outdated and business growth is uncertain.

It’s time for companies to “Manufacture Revenue Growth” and this 33 page eBook outlines both the marketing strategy and tactical outlines of a B2B Sales & Marketing approach which leverages technology and buyer preferences.  It’s a business growth strategy built on helping buyers buy instead of more cold calls, and it’s intuitive for manufacturers as it’s based on analytics and metrics – not hocus pocus marketing lingo.

The eBook is the product of collaboration between two industrial manufacturing veterans.  Ed Marsh, founder of Consilium Global Business Advisors, LLC and Todd Hockenberry, president of Top Line Results, Inc. are manufacturing revenue growth experts who have industrial P&L experience.  Today they provide B2B companies with manufacturing growth strategy and sales consulting and collaborate on client projects.

“I’m so excited to publish this book!” says Marsh.  “Todd and I speak a common language with industrial manufacturers and distributors; and we share a passion for helping American manufacturers succeed.  This eBook is the product of our combined nearly 50 years of combined experience – and the unique perspective on successful marketing strategy that gives us.”

Todd agrees.  “Industrial B2B companies have the making part nailed.  It’s the manufacturing sales growth part that’s increasingly problematic.  The bad news is too many companies are just doing more of the same that doesn’t work anymore.  The good news is that the strategies we outline make the entire business development process measurable, so it can be managed according to metrics just like operations.”

“Manufacturing Revenue Growth” is available for free download at and includes real world examples of improving manufacturing marketing efforts and industrial sales to boost customer acquisition. It includes case studies of successful growth strategies and tips on how companies can create content that can boost a manufacturing business, as well as links to numerous other resources.  It's written based on real-world business experience for CEOs and presidents.

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About Consilium Global Business Advisors:  Consilium assists American manufacturers in applying process excellence to their business development.  In other words we help lean, well managed companies with rock solid bottom lines effectively and consistently grow their top lines to match.  We work primarily with mid-size industrial manufacturing companies, guiding them through a journey of designing and executing business grade B2B inbound marketing and focused, profitable global market expansion.

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A Deeper Dive Digital Marketing and Industrial Sales: Accelerating Company Growth Strategy

Embracing the Digital Era for Predictiable Growth in Manufacturing Revenue

B2B industrial companies can create content, including podcasts and video, as part of a marketing plan to drive organic growth. A manufacturing company has to balance new customer acquisition and growth of existing customers.The manufacturing industry faces a pivotal transition. Traditional methods have served well, but the digital age demands an innovative company growth strategy. It's not just about manufacturing products anymore; it's about strategically positioning them in a digital world teeming with potential customers. This new phase, which we can term 'strategic growth,' requires an amalgamation of traditional manufacturing acumen with modern digital marketing tactics.

Leveraging Social Media Marketing and SEO for Target Market Engagement

At the heart of this revolution is social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Social media channels are no longer just platforms for casual networking but have transformed into powerful marketing tools that can connect manufacturing companies with their ideal buyers. By creating content that resonates with industrial buyers and prospective customers, companies can build brand awareness and drive engagement. SEO, on the other hand, ensures that a manufacturing company's digital presence is visible to those searching for relevant manufacturing products and services. Together, these tools can significantly amplify a company's reach and ability to attract more customers.

Content Marketing: The Key to Unlocking New Markets and Prospects, and Serving Existing Customers

Content marketing has emerged as a cornerstone of any robust marketing plan. For industrial companies, creating content that is both informative and engaging is essential. This relevant content must not only appeal to a potential customer but also provide relevant information that positions the company as a thought leader in the industry. By focusing on the needs and interests of ideal customers, content marketing can drive lead generation, helping companies reach new markets and potential buyers.

Internal Growth and Organic Expansion through Targeted Strategies

Internal growth and organic expansion are integral components of a sustainable growth plan. This involves nurturing existing relationships while continually seeking new customers. A well-structured sales team, equipped with a deep understanding of the target audience and industrial market, can significantly increase revenue. By employing strategic marketing capabilities, companies can generate more leads, leading with new customer acquisition, and then turning industrial buyers into loyal customers.

Maximizing Potential Through Strategic Marketing Channels and Analytics

To truly harness the potential of digital marketing, industrial companies must adopt a data-driven approach. This involves tracking key performance indicators and using analytics to understand customer behavior and preferences. By focusing on target keywords and consistently monitoring the effectiveness of different marketing channels, companies can refine their strategies for maximum impact. Site and google analytics must be balanced with qualitative buyer research to ensure that content speaks to concerns of an ideal customer.

Integrating Sales and Marketing for Holistic Business Development

Integrating sales reps with marketing efforts is crucial for a cohesive growth strategy. This alignment ensures that the messaging is consistent across all platforms and that the industrial sales group is well-versed in the content and strategies being used to attract new customers. Such integration fosters a more holistic approach to business development, ensuring that every potential buyer's journey is nurtured from the initial contact to the final sale.

Crafting a Future-Ready Growth Plan

As industrial companies adapt to the changing landscape, the emphasis on digital marketing and sales integration will become increasingly paramount. The journey to crafting an effective growth strategy in this new digital era involves understanding and leveraging the nuances of digital marketing, from social media to SEO, and from content creation to data analytics. It's about recognizing that every piece of content, every social media post, and every marketing campaign is a step towards not just creating a brand presence but driving tangible sales and growth for the company. In this competitive world, those who can effectively marry the precision of manufacturing with the dynamism of digital marketing will not only survive but thrive.