Buyer Intent Data Solutions Solve Problems for Complex B2B Sales

Ed Marsh | Mar 9, 2018

Is it really a sales training problem?

Prospecting, uncovering need, developing pain, closing, account management, and more...there are so many skills at which great sales people must be proficient.

Are sales rock stars born? Or made? Probably a bit of both - and the making (or training, coaching, accountability, etc.) are critical.

But what if you could solve for part of the equation in a way that removes variables from others? What would that mean in terms of focusing training and coaching? And rep effectiveness - perhaps even job enjoyment, engagement and results?

That's the potential of buyer intent data solutions - using intent data gools and intent signals to enhance sales and marketing efforts.

Or a lead generation & qualification problem?

Prospecting is the toughest task for many sales and marketing teams today. The reasons are well understood. Buyers who have no time, frantically juggle "priorities" and are often unreachable behind voice and email - are really hard to prospect among. That was the premise upon which inbound marketing (or content marketing/digital marketing) was built. And for many companies it creates more leads than traditional approaches - it's effective for sure, when planned strategically and executed rigorously.

buyer intent data solves 3 challenges for complex B2B sales teams. third party intent data can help the sales team focus on the sales process, using intent signals to enhance their sales efforts.But even once leads are generated, then multi-tasking buyers' minds and diffuse focus are real challenges for even the reps most skilled at uncovering and developing unrecognized need.

Intent data might help.

What if your reps focused on selling to contacts who fit your ideal buyer profile and who you knew were actively researching the types of products/services you sell, and/or solutions to the types of problems you solve?

How would your sales reps' allocation of time change? How would project creation improve? How many deals that stall in the pipeline might move more fluidly if you were starting with the right deals? And enough of them?

Generating enough sales ready leads, and disqualifying out/qualifying in the right ones are two of the biggest challenges facing B2B complex sales teams today - and Buyer Intent Data can solve both.


What's the third problem that Buyer Intent Data solves?

the right buyer intent data tools provides marketing teams insights into the target audience to complement first party intent data. It can also highlight purchase intent among target accounts and enhance marketing strategyIt starts to fight back against the status quo - that competitor that has lately been kicking the asses of even great sales teams. 

The status quo wins because in consensus buying so many individuals can say no, while everyone (or most) have to say yes. Who's actually on the team? What do they actually think? Do they want to change? Are they inclined toward another solution? A competitor? So many questions hang in the air - and often the project champion is unable to discern or relay all the answers. So B2B sales people fly blind....only to be ambushed by the status quo.

Yet buyer intent data can solve for much of the uncertainty. It's like radar or x-ray (choose the analogy of your choice!) for buying teams.

By revealing who's taking action on the internet, by the actual user's name, title and even contact details, your reps are able to assemble a more complete 3D picture of what's actually happening. These insights allow them to ask the right questions of the deal champion, provide the right sales enablement content to be shared with the entire buying team, and even targeting for ABM (account based marketing) and custom audiences through social media. 

Bonus benefit - sales & marketing collaboration

b2b intent data from the right data providers can help marketing and sales teams turn accurate intent data into potential customersAt companies which have invested in marketing automation tools, CRM and other systems to improve marketing and sales efficiency, buyer intent data suits various perspectives. Sales ready leads are the red meat for sales teams - while earlier stage awareness and consideration leads are perfect for marketing to begin to nurture.

Rather than an either / or solution which foments more friction between silos, a buyer intent data solution can be driven by either sales or marketing departments, and easily shared for mutual benefit - fostering collaboration.

Easy implementation - rapid return

And there's one more huge consideration. In a world awash with sexy SaaS software and digital approaches that sound simple but take enormous organizational change management programs to implement successfully, Sales Fracking™ Data is easily implemented. And it doesn't require any IT assistance!

With answers to nine questions, and a couple weeks to let our algorithm grind away and start to collect your data, you can easily extract more value from your existing teams, tools and processes within weeks.

And since you're as busy as your prospects...that's huge.

Want to learn more? Let's chat.

Harnessing Intent Data for Enhanced Manufacturing Marketing and Industrial Sales

intent data providers can deliver accurate b2b intent data to support marketing and sales efforts. Intent data tools that provide actionable intent data and analytics tools can help revenue growth teams gain valuable insights into the buying journey.Manufacturing marketing and industrial sales are getting harder. Leveraging the power of intent data can revolutionize how companies approach their sales and marketing strategies. By integrating intent data into their processes, businesses can gain a competitive edge, making their sales outreach more efficient and their marketing campaigns more effective.

Intent Data: The Key to Unlocking Market Potential

Intent data providers offer an interesting digital boost. These data providers offer insights via b2b intent data, a treasure trove of information that helps businesses understand what their potential customers are searching for. By utilizing a sophisticated intent data tool, companies can analyze market trends and tailor their strategies accordingly. Among the top intent data providers, a commonality exists: the ability to furnish sales and marketing professionals with actionable insights.

Transforming Marketing Tools with Buyer Intent Data

The integration of a buyer intent data tool into existing marketing tools allows companies to refine their approach to customer engagement. Customer data, especially first party data, is invaluable for understanding consumer needs. Intent data enriches this understanding by adding layers of context – what the customer is actively seeking or interested in. This enrichment comes from data signals and purchase intent data, which are pivotal in crafting targeted marketing efforts.

Elevating Sales Outreach with Precise Contact Data

For sales teams, the best intent data providers offer more than just general insights; they provide detailed contact data. This data enables sales professionals to identify companies that are not only in their target market but are also currently exploring options in their domain. With accurate contact information, the effectiveness of sales outreach is significantly enhanced. Sales representatives can approach leads with a higher propensity to convert, thereby optimizing their efforts.

Understanding Customer Behavior for a Robust Sales Pipeline

Another aspect where intent data shines is in the understanding of customer behavior. By analyzing buyer intent signals, companies can anticipate customer needs and preferences, allowing them to adjust their sales pipeline strategies accordingly. This foresight is invaluable in targeting the right customers at the right time.

CRM Data Integration for Comprehensive Insight

Integrating intent data with existing CRM data creates a more holistic view of the customer journey. The best buyer intent data, when combined with the detailed customer profiles in a CRM, provides a powerful tool for businesses. This combination allows companies to gain valuable insight into their customer base, enabling them to tailor their approach to different segments effectively.

Lead Generation Efforts Supercharged by Intent Data

Finally, in the realm of lead generation efforts, intent data proves its worth by enabling companies to target leads that have shown a genuine interest in products or services similar to theirs. This targeting not only improves the quality of the leads but also increases the efficiency of the lead generation process.

Integration of intent data into manufacturing marketing and industrial sales is not just a trend but a necessity in today’s data-driven world. By effectively using intent data, companies can ensure that their sales and marketing efforts are not only more targeted and efficient but also more in tune with the needs and interests of their potential customers. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the role of intent data in shaping successful business strategies becomes increasingly indispensable.