"Colliding Megatrends" and strategic consulting services

Ed Marsh | Feb 25, 2015
"In a world buffeted by megatrends, short-term financial results are an inadequate guide to strategy."  strategy&1

The recent article by strategy& (formerly Booze) talks explores the complexity of market environments facing today's companies.  It suggests changes in management skills and corporate strategy.  Essentially the article acknowledges the daunting nature of colliding megatrends, but also highlights the opportunity they represent for foresightful management teams.

A gentle collision - digital marketing & global sales growth

The article discusses a number of interesting, big trends including:

  • demographics
  • globalization
  • urbanization
  • climate change
  • technological breakthroughs

There's nothing shocking in that list - you've already recognized those trends.  But the way strategy& assembles them certainly provokes thought.  After all, that's precisely the goal of the strategic consulting services that they offer.

Those are trends which they see accelerating - they don't spend much time on megatrends which have already collided.  But there's a recent collision which is often overlooked - and key to SMB revenue growth.

Digital marketing opens up global sales growth opportunities in ways very few companies, or even consultants, recognize.  And yet it's within easy grasp of nearly every company today.

Export needn't be extra

Too many companies have been conditioned by standard industry approaches to see export as a large and daunting additional, parallel process to their normal business development.  And it used to be.  It used to take a lot of research to select a target market; a protracted engagement and large commitment of resources; and a long runway to profitability.

It tended to wear companies out when they were accustomed to thinking of 6 month sell cycles.  And myths around complexity and risk abound.  Taken together it was intimidating, and so companies reconciled themselves to contentedness with a large domestic market.

Digital marketing is more than twitter and a website

Similarly, many companies consign themselves to mediocre digital marketing results because of assumptions about what's possible and what's required.

Many enthusiastic internet marketing initiatives have fallen flat after poorly coordinated tactical activities failed to produce strategic results.

Applying Operations Best Practices to Revenue Growth

ed marsh strategic consulting services inc helps industrial manufacturers grow predictably.The best solution is sometimes readily apparent and the role of a management consultant is simply to help connect the dots. That's the case with our overall revenue effectiveness™ program which takes lessons from operations and production and applies them to revenue growth.

By applying the concepts of process engineering and continuous improvement we can help find the best solution for companies to grow in today's complex digital yet still relationship driven markets.

More of one and less of another

Ed Marsh leads a management consulting company that provides strategic consulting services to industrial manufacturers. He helps firms identify creative solutions to unlock growth opportunities with long term potential.So the amazing opportunity many companies miss lies at the nexus of the two.  If they can fret less about export specifics and concentrate on diverse, profitable growth...AND...really sweat the big and small stuff of digital marketing, relying on strategic consulting services with B2B marketing experience, they'll excel.

Global, Digital, Traditional & Innovative 

Growth will occur globally - in other words domestically and internationally.  They'll see simultaneous results.  Revenue will increase along with global diversification, and they'll accrue a host of other benefits associated with increased export sales.

Sometimes it takes a bit of 3rd party perspective in the form of strategic consulting services to recognize how the opportunities fit together.

Experienced Revenue Growth Consulting for Industrial Manufacturers

That's the value that Ed Marsh consulting provides for industrial manufacturers. Strategic consulting services built on industry familiarity, broad business experience and perspective, and expertise in applying solutions to complex environments.

I've worked with companies like yours (middle market, B2B industrials, manufacturers and capital equipment companies) and I've worked with your buyers. I understand your challenges, your sales team, your marketing team, your customers, and even their customers.

Wondering what's involved in getting your digital marketing on track to support this?  And what the payoff might be?  Check out our new guide on the finance of content marketing for more information.

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