Facing Up to the Complexity of Industrial Revenue Growth

Ed Marsh | Mar 19, 2024

Tl;dr - Growing a manufacturing company is hard, and getting harder. There are loads of inspiring and creative people with expertise in various specific disciplines. They're valuable resources. The reality, though, is that success requires weaving many of those together. It's about doing many things well, and in a complementary way. That's the purpose of the Industrial Growth Institute Podcast - to help folks in the B2B industrial world take a journey across all of these critical facets - in theory and actionable detail. I hope you'll join me and my guests for that journey!

Tackling Industrial Revenue Growth in Detail

Industrial revenue growth used to be about hard work and sales technique. Marketing meant trade shows, printed brochures, journal ads and Yellow Pages (maybe some Thomas Register thrown in.)

Sales was built on a Day Timer, quarters for pay phones, cold calling and networking.

Today there are still trade shows, and hard work and sales technique are still differentiators. But not much else is the same.

It's time we're honest about that, and face the complexity of revenue growth  full on.

That's why I'm launching the Industrial Growth Institute Podcast. Please check out the trailer below for more detail. You can access it in video on YouTube, or audio across all common podcast apps.


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More About the Industrial Growth Institute Podcast

Here's what you can expect with each episode.

  1. Genuine, unscripted conversation with an interesting person who brings a particular insight that I believe has merit for industrial manufacturers.
  2. 60-75 minute discussion
  3. You'll get to know them personally, and understand their professional journey. I believe that the context is important to appreciate the value and relevance of their perspective for your situation.
  4. High level, strategic and theoretical points blended with granular, actionable tactical recommendations.
  5. Every episode will have something of value for everyone with an interest in revenue growth - from owners, investors, board directors and executive management, through mid level managers and directors with implementation responsibility, to individual contributors.

Across episodes we'll cover a wide range of topics including ownership, transactions, family business transitions, manufacturing marketing, industrial sales, buying habits and customer experience and technology.

Please subscribe on your favorite platform, and thanks in advance for liking, sharing, commenting and leaving a review. They really do help.