Scott MacKenzie of Industrial Talk on Podcasting for Lead Generation

Ed Marsh | May 28, 2024

Turning a gift for Gab into Podcasting for Lead Generation for Industrial Manufacturers


Scott MacKenzie took a company public as CEO, retired, and then got bored.

So he started an industrial staffing firm and struggled closing business in an industry that was commoditized.

One day driving back to the office after a meeting, he was struck by the thought that he needed to get people talking. So he started having and recording those conversations. Then capturing them on video.

Soon he realized that his podcasting supported lead generation and helped in selling deals. And not long thereafter he discovered that he could use this approach to help others generate leads for their businesses.

Those insights turned into Industrial Talk, and today Scott spends his days in studio and at trade shows.

Listen in to learn about how Scott's series of experiments and discoveries could plug in to your manufacturing marketing as markets change and prospects are overwhelmed with information.

Connect with Scott to book your slot on Industrial Talk and experience how podcasting can drive lead generation for manufacturing marketers.

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Pocasting, Lead Generation, B2B Sales, and Industrial Marketing - Scott MacKenzie on Industrial Growth Insitute Episode 11


Show Transcript

Episode Recap


Scott MacKenzie is the founder of Industrial Talk, an innovative and disruptive business that he founded after taking a company public, retiring, and wanting to do something fun.

But the business builds on a crucial discovery he made when he was running a staffing agency. It was a tough, competitive market in which he had difficulty differentiating his offering from others. Until he struck upon the idea of creating a podcast through which he could reach prospects and provide resources for the market as well.

Our conversation covers:

  • importance of marketing and media in the industrial sector
  • Scott's journey from a background in operations to becoming a marketing and salesperson
  • power of content and media in building relationships and trust with customers
  • how he uses media as a prospecting tool
  • Scott's super-efficient workflow and automation strategies
  • importance of diversifying revenue streams
  • his business model, including speaking engagements, training, content development, and white-label services
  • the importance of aligning marketing and sales
  • best and worst practices at trade shows
  • his Superbowl performance!
  • insights into the integration of marketing and sales and the role they play in revenue growth
  • exciting opportunities for business and offering guidance for industrial manufacturers.


  • Marketing and media are crucial for industrial companies to build relationships and trust with customers.
  • Content creation and media can be used as effective prospecting tools.
  • Building relationships through conversations and storytelling is key to successful marketing.
  • Efficient workflows and automation can streamline content creation and distribution.
  • Diversifying revenue streams is important for long-term business success.
  • Aligning marketing and sales is crucial for business success.
  • Trade shows require effective follow-up strategies to maximize impact.
  • Content development should be tailored to address customer problems and provide value.
  • The integration of marketing and sales is essential in the modern buying journey.


00:00 Introduction and Background
04:15 Transition to Marketing and Media
08:13 The Importance of Marketing in the Industrial Sector
11:18 Shift from Operations to Marketing
16:38 The Power of Content and Media
23:55 Extracting Stories and Getting People to Talk
25:56 Efficient Workflow and Automation
31:47 Diversified Revenue Streams
38:25 Overview of Scott MacKenzie's Business Model
39:18 Speaking Engagements and Training
40:44 Content Development and Industrial Academy
42:46 Best and Worst Practices at Trade Shows
46:07 Maximizing Impact at Trade Shows
48:19 Scott MacKenzie's Hobbies and Fun Activities
51:40 Scott MacKenzie's White Label Services
54:14 The Importance of Aligning Marketing and Sales
56:49 The Role of Marketing and Sales in the Buying Journey
01:00:25 The Integration of Marketing and Sales
01:02:27 The Role of Marketing and Sales in Revenue Growth
01:05:11 Exciting Opportunities for Business
01:09:36 How to Contact Scott MacKenzie
01:10:05 Scott MacKenzie's Guidance for Industrial Manufacturers

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