Kathleen Booth on Community and Trust in Sales

Ed Marsh | Jun 4, 2024

"Community is the New Google" as Digital Marketing and Sales Evolve


How did Kathleen Booth's career evolve from public policy and public health infrastructure consulting to digital marketing? You'll have to listen to learn.

And you'll learn so much more along the way.

Kathleen is the SVP of Pavilion, a rapidly growing community for revenue professionals. With members across marketing, sales and customer success, from individual contributors through CEOs, and CROs, she has multiple perspectives to share.

She sees how community helps develop and improve the performance of members, and through their experiences, how community is helping B2B vendors succeed in their revenue growth efforts.

She shares a number of insights including her call to action - that community is the new Google. Marketing and sales alignment, building trust in sales, the state of inbound marketing, and even college lacrosse are topics of our conversation.

Connect with Kathleen to experience her passion for community, understanding of how digital marketing is evolving, and insights into creating trust in sales.

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Community, Trust in Sales, Marketing and Sales Alignment - Kathleen Booth on Industrial Growth Insitute Episode 12


Show Transcript

Episode Recap


community-is-the-new-google-and-drives-trust-in-salesIn Episode 12 of the Industrial Growth Institute Podcast, host Ed Marsh and guest Kathleen Booth discuss the role of community in personal and professional development, as well as organizational success.

Boil it all down into a couple key quotes that convey Kathleen's commitment to communities:

"Community is the new Google."

"Community is the roadmap to all the stuff you need to figure out."

"Community is the support system for go-to-market executives."

"You could have the best Google optimization strategy in the world and you still might not get a chance to even go for that business because you didn't get mentioned in a community."

They highlight the importance of having a different perspective and a supportive community to overcome mindset barriers in industrial revenue growth.

Kathleen shares her journey from being the founder and CEO of a digital marketing agency to her current role as SVP of Marketing and Growth at Pavilion. They also discuss:

  • the value of community in learning, problem-solving, and finding opportunities
  • the need for continuous learning and the importance of surrounding oneself with smart and experienced individuals
  • importance of community and continuous learning in the fast-paced world of marketing
  • need for marketers to surround themselves with peers who are further along and have more knowledge, as well as the value of participating in communities as part of the job
  • the rise of AI and the erosion of trust in information
  • importance of marketing and sales alignment
  • need for a relationship-led approach to marketing.

Kathleen shares her insights on the future of marketing, including the emphasis on original research and data, authenticity, and unique points of view. She also highlights the potential of AI and the concerns surrounding its misuse. Finally, she encourages industrials to focus on building relationships, trust, and reducing friction in the buying process.


  • Having a supportive community and a different perspective is crucial for overcoming mindset barriers in industrial revenue growth.
  • Continuous learning and surrounding oneself with smart and experienced individuals are key to personal and professional development.
  • Community provides valuable resources, insights, and solutions for learning, problem-solving, and finding opportunities.
  • Community is the new Google, as people increasingly rely on their communities for trustworthy information and recommendations.
  • Being part of a community helps alleviate imposter syndrome and provides a support system for go-to-market executives.
  • Community is essential for staying up-to-date with the rapidly changing landscape of marketing and sales.
  • Community fosters collaboration, accountability, and personal growth, leading to individual and organizational success. Surround yourself with peers who are further along and have more knowledge to keep pace with the fast-changing marketing landscape.
  • Participating in communities is essential for personal growth and staying ahead of best practices.
  • AI has the potential to erode trust in information, and its misuse is a concern that needs to be addressed.
  • Marketing and sales alignment is crucial for revenue growth, and it requires good communication, shared metrics, and a focus on the company's success.
  • The future of marketing lies in original research and data, authenticity, and unique points of view.
  • Building relationships, trust, and reducing friction in the buying process should be the focus for industrials.


00:00 Introduction and Mindset Barriers in Industrial Revenue Growth
14:50 Kathleen's Career Journey and the Importance of Community
30:13 Pavilion: Serving the Go-to-Market Leadership Team
37:21 The Importance of Community and Continuous Learning
43:54 Measuring Results and Avoiding Infighting
51:42 The Value of Participating in Communities
59:57 Marketing and Sales Alignment: Effective Communication
01:08:03 The Biggest Opportunity: AI and Human Connection

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