John Panaccione on Veterans and Sales Channel

Ed Marsh | Jun 18, 2024

Veterans are Decision-Making Supercomputers

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If you're a member of the military veteran community, it's likely you've heard of John Panaccione or at least some of the organizations he's helped create and thrive.

John's a former Armor officer in the 82nd Airborne Division (yes, you pictured that right - a tank with a parachute!) and after leaving the military had a long career in learning management systems and learning content which then led him to create a partner relationship management (PRM) software firm from which he successfully exited.

Today John is the CEO of Folla Capital which provides crowdfunding services for veteran owned businesses. 

John brings a lot of insight into inbound marketing (it's how he grew his software company) and the silver tsunami of pending boomer business exits and the opportunity that creates for others.

Connect with John for information on veterans in business.

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What Veterans Bring to Business - John Panaccione on Industrial Growth Insitute Episode 14


Show Transcript

Episode Recap


veterans-in-businessIn this episode, Ed Marsh interviews John Panaccione about the importance of inorganic growth and the role of inorganic growth options in revenue growth.

They discuss John's background, his experience in small business finance and transactions, and his work in helping veterans succeed in entrepreneurship.

They also:

  • explore the topics of learning management systems (LMS)
  • content marketing, and the evolution of inbound marketing
  • the intersection of SaaS and industrial manufacturing
  • value of partner ecosystems
  • use of courses in various industries
  • silver tsunami, which refers to the retirement of baby boomers and the opportunities it presents for younger entrepreneurs.

In this conversation, John Panaccione discusses the different paths to business ownership, including starting a business from scratch, franchising, and buying an existing business. He also talks about the rise of entrepreneurship through acquisition and the opportunities it presents. John shares insights on raising capital for small businesses, the importance of solid financial information, and the process of mergers and acquisitions.

He emphasizes the value of veterans in the business world and the benefits of their decision-making skills.

John also discusses the challenges of competition and decision-making in today's market and offers advice on creating your own market and running experiments to drive growth.


  • Inorganic growth options are often overlooked in revenue growth strategies, particularly in the lower middle market.
  • Learning management systems (LMS) and high-quality content are essential for effective training and marketing.
  • Inbound marketing is still important, but it has become noisier and more competitive.
  • Partner ecosystems and nearbound strategies can help companies gain access to new accounts and create valuable partnerships.
  • Courses can be used for user training, lead generation, data collection, and creating certifications.
  • Companies should consider the least amount of content with high quality for the most impact.
  • The silver tsunami refers to the retirement of baby boomers and the opportunities it presents for younger entrepreneurs.
  • Entrepreneurship through acquisition is a growing trend, offering opportunities for aspiring business owners.
  • Raising capital for small businesses requires solid financial information and alignment of documentation.
  • Mergers and acquisitions can be facilitated by experienced professionals to ensure a smooth process.
  • Veterans bring valuable decision-making skills to the business world and should be considered for employment.
  • Competition is fierce in today's market, and companies need to find ways to stand out and create their own market.
  • Running experiments and learning from failures is crucial for growth and innovation.
  • Effective pricing strategies can differentiate a business and create its own market.
  • Sharing insights and knowledge with others is important for personal and professional growth.

Takeaway Quotes from John Panaccione

  • "Inorganic is often overlooked, particularly by the lower middle market."
  • "The LMS is the racetrack, the content is the race cars."
  • "Inbound marketing is not as powerful as it used to be."
  • "Startup Culture we have in America"
  • "Entrepreneurship through acquisition"
  • "You have to have a pretty solid set of information"


00:00 The Overlooked Potential of Inorganic Growth
07:11 The Power of Learning Management Systems and High-Quality Content
39:29 The Silver Tsunami: Opportunities for Younger Entrepreneurs
47:43 Challenges of Competition and Decision-Making in Today's Market

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